Graphic Design’s a Profession

Graphic Design’s a Profession

The graphic designers that work with PrintBounce know and understand the hardship and troubles a designer goes through on the daily. A graphic designer possess the skill to bring ideas to life and create compelling advertising campaigns.

For someone who lives outside of the this field, it may seem like this profession doesn’t exist – one where “someone” puts a few images and texts together to create designs. However, it’s important to understand that graphic design is a real profession that requires someone to go to school and spend countless hours designing. If you’re a designer, you need to make sure you never under-sell yourself.

A Message to Buyers of Graphic Design Service

When you bargain shop for graphic design service – you are not only hurting the industry, but the person you are doing business with. And, frankly, you will receive what you pay for. Let’s say you are getting your business cards designed, expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $50 for your artwork. If you’re getting a flyer designed for your business, you can expect that to run you anywhere from $40 to $75 depending on the size and complexity of the design.

Sending in a piece of paper with your text and hand-drawn design for your business card is not enough to create a printed business card. The designer now has to re-create the design and type in the text and format it. If you’re unable to do this and create a high-resolution file that is optimal for print – you should be using the service of a graphic designer and paying for it.

A survey of print businesses says that most customers are unwilling to pay the quoted rates for design services – and we are not surprised by this response. If you’re looking for a professional graphic designer, please see our list of top creators who our customers love working with.